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The Legends of Softball
a real life Field Of Dreams for softball's best

Game schedules for 50+, 60+, and 65+ leagues are now posted on the park district website.

The founder of our senior softball leagues, Jim Heffern, has passed away 12/3/18.
Jim H on Channel 6

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2018 results:

65+ League Standings
Grumpies  9-3
Odds and Ends  8-4
Savages  4-8
Coaches Corner  3-9

Playoff results Sept 4
Semi Finals
Odds and Ends 8, Savages 3
Grumpies 10, Coaches Corner 5
Grumpies 8, Odds and Ends 5

August 28 results
Odds and Ends 7, Coaches Corner 2
Grumpies 9, Savages 3

August 21 results
Savages 10, Odds and Ends 5
Grumpies 10, Coaches Corner 0

August 14 results
Odds and Ends 6, Coaches Corner 4
Grumpies 11, Savages 4

July 31 results
Odds and Ends 11, Grumpies 8
Savages 11, Coaches Corner 5

July 24 results
Odds and Ends 11, Coaches Corner 6
Grumpies 7, Savages 4

July 17 results
Savages 11, Odds and Ends 10
Grumpies 11, Coaches Corner 9

July 10 results
Savages 7, Coaches Corner 6
Grumpies 10, Odds and Ends 8

June 19 results
Grumpies 5, Odds and Ends 3
Coaches Corner 12, Savages 1

June 12 results
Odds and Ends 14, Coaches Corner 4
Grumpies 12, Savages 5

June 5 results
Coaches Corner 17, Grumpies 3
Odds and Ends 29, Savages 12

May 29 results
Odds and Ends 7, Grumpies 6
Coaches Corner 7, Savages 5

May 15 results
Odds and Ends 14, Savages 6
Grumpies 17, Coaches Corner 3

For all 3 senior leagues, 2018 Season schedules and standings can be viewed at the park district website, game results will only be visible on this site (derived from RF and RA data). Standings can be seen on both sites.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2018  50+ playoffs NCAA first round
Orange Crush beat Grumpies 6-5
Code Blue beat Backwash
16 Inchers beat Wise Guys 10-6
Oldies But Goodies beat Grabbers

NCAA 2nd round
Orange Crush beat Code Blue
Oldies But Goodies beat 16 Inchers

NCAA finals
Orange Crush beat Oldies But Goodies

50+ playoffs NIT first round
Phoenix beat Do Not Resuscitate 18-3
Unknowns beat Roaches

NIT 2nd round
Lucky Stiffs beat Phoenix
Rebels beat Unknowns

NIT finals
Rebels beat Lucky Stiffs

50+ League 2018 Standings
Orange Crush  13-1
Grabbers  12-2
16 Inchers  11-3
Code Blue  10-4
Wise Guys  9-5
Backwash  9-5
Grumpies  7-7
Rebels  7-7
Oldies But Goodies  8-6
Lucky Stiffs  5-9
Phoenix  4-10
Unknowns  1-13
Roaches  1-13
Do Not Resuscitate  1-13

August 27 results
16 Inchers 11, Orange Crush 0
Grabbers 14, Do Not Resuscitate 0
Code Blue 10, Rebels 9
Backwash 16, Unknowns 6
Grumpies 7, Wise Guys 4
Oldies But Goodies 12, Phoenix 11
Lucky Stiffs 18, Roaches 8

August 13 results
Orange Crush 11, Phoenix 1
Grabbers 14, Unknowns 1
16 Inchers 6, Roaches 4
Wise Guys 12, Lucky Stiffs 0
Code Blue 19, Do Not Resuscitate 2
Backwash 16, Grumpies 12
Oldies But Goodies 6, Rebels 4
Phoenix 12, Unknowns 2

August 6 results
Orange Crush 11, Lucky Stiffs 7
Grabbers 14, Rebels 1
16 Inchers 9, Phoenix 5
Wise Guys 8, Unknowns 0
Oldies But Goodies 11, Code Blue 9
Backwash 19, Do Not Resuscitate 4
Grumpies 15, Roaches 5

July 30 results
Orange Crush 12, Roaches 2
Grabbers 6, Lucky Stiffs 3
Code Blue 4, Grumpies 3
16 Inchers 5, Backwash 3
Wise Guys 7, Phoenix 4
Rebels 8, Unknowns 7
Oldies But Goodies 11, Do Not Resuscitate 2

July 23 results
Orange Crush 13, Wise Guys 10
Grabbers 8, 16 Inchers 1
Code Blue 7, Lucky Stiffs 1
Wise Guys 9, Code Blue 8
Grumpies 3, Rebels 2
Backwash 15, Phoenix 1
Oldies But Goodies 6, Roaches 5
Lucky Stiffs 9, Oldies But Goodies 2
Unknowns 13, Do Not Resuscitate 3

July 16 results
Orange Crush 10, Backwash 7
Code Blue 15, 16 Inchers 5
Grabbers 15, Phoenix 0
Rebels 10, Lucky Stiffs 7
Grumpies 13, Do Not Resuscitate 0
Wise Guys 14, Roaches 4
Oldies But Goodies 15, Unknowns 8

July 9 results
16 Inchers 16, Rebels 9
Wise Guys 13, Oldies But Goodies 7
Code Blue 2, Phoenix 0
Backwash 9, Roaches 3
Orange Crush 10, Grabbers 8
Lucky Stiffs 11, Do Not Resuscitate 0
Grumpies 16, Unknowns 1
Orange Crush 17, Do Not Resuscitate 2
Rebels 20, Roaches 1

July 2 results
Orange Crush 8, Code Blue 7
Backwash 8, Wise Guys 7
Grabbers 9, Backwash 5
Oldies But Goodies 8, Grumpies 7
Grabbers 13, Roaches 3
Rebels 9, Phoenix 5
16 Inchers 19, Do Not Resuscitate 6
16 Inchers 4, Grumpies 1
Unknowns 18, Lucky Stiffs 8

June 25 results
Orange Crush 8, Rebels 2
Grabbers 5, Wise Guys 4
Code Blue 8, Roaches 4
16 Inchers 15, Unknowns 2
Phoenix 15, Do Not Resuscitate 3
Backwash 14, Oldies But Goodies 3
Lucky Stiffs 4, Grumpies 2

June 11 results
Orange Crush 11, Unknowns 10
Grabbers 9, Oldies But Goodies 1
16 Inchers 20, Lucky Stiffs 5
Wise Guys 14, Rebels 7
Code Blue 9, Backwash 3
Grumpies 13, Phoenix 4
Do Not Resuscitate 8, Roaches 4

June 4 results
16 Inchers 8, Oldies But Goodies 5
Wise Guys 15, Do Not Resuscitate 0
Rebels 12, Backwash 10
Orange Crush 4, Grumpies 2
Grabbers 5, Code Blue 1
Roaches 10, Unknowns 9
Phoenix 11, Lucky Stiffs 10

May 7 results
Rebels 16, Do Not Resuscitate 0
Orange Crush 12, Oldies But Goodies 7
Backwash 12, Lucky Stiffs 6
Code Blue 10, Unknowns 1
Grumpies 9, Grabbers 2
16 Inchers 19, Wise Guys 6
Phoenix 5, Roaches 4

April 30 results
Oldies But Goodies 18, Do Not Resuscitate 0
Wise Guys 17, Phoenix 9
Backwash 16, 16 Inchers 7
Orange Crush 12, Roaches 10
Rebels 10, Unknowns 1
Code Blue 10, Grumpies 9
Grabbers 8, Lucky Stiffs 5

2017 Playoffs
NCAA quarter finals
16 Inchers 11, Code Blue 10.
Backwash 10, Rebels 0.
Orange Crush 8, Grumpies 7.

semi finals
Grabbers 8, Backwash 6.
Orange Crush 6, 16inchers 5.

Grabbers 9, Orange Crush 6.

NIT quarter finals
Wise Guys 13, Lucky Stiffs 4.
Phoenix 7, Mudville 5.
Oldies But Goodies 12, Scandal 3.
Roaches 13, Unknowns 7.

semi finals
Wise Guys 12, Roaches 6.
Oldies But Goodies 10, Phoenix 3.

Wise Guys 14, Oldies But Goodies 9.

2016 Playoffs
NCAA quarter finals
Backwash beat Orange Crush 7-5
Grabbers beat Rebels 13-2
16 Inchers beat Lucky Stiffs 13-2
Code Blue beat Wise Guys 8-4
Backwash beat Code Blue 13-9
16 Inchers beat Grabbers 12-2
NCAA - Backwash beat 16 Inchers 10-9
NIT winner - Grumpies

2015 Playoffs
NCAA semifinals
16 Inchers beat Rebels 6-1
Backwash beat Phoenix
Backwash beat 16 Inchers 8-6

NIT semifinals
Orange Crush beat Scandal 10-8
Mudville beat Roaches
Orange Crush beat Mudville 15-5

2015 Playoff quarterfinals
Rebels 10, Grabbers 6
Backwash 9, Grumpies 5
Phoenix 10, Wise Guys 5
16 Inchers 5, Code Blue 3
Roaches 11, Unknowns 2
Orange Crush 14, Oldies But Goodies 1
Scandal 13, Good Ole Boys 3
Mudville 7, Lucky Stiffs 6

50+ league 2015
Final Standings
Grabbers 15-0
Backwash 13-2
Code Blue 11-4
Phoenix 11-4
16 Inchers 10-5
Grumpies 9-6
Wise Guys 9-6
Rebels 8-7
Orange Crush 6-9
Roaches 6-9
Lucky Stiffs 5-10
Scandal 5-10
Mudville 5-10
Good Ole Boys 3-12
Oldies But Goodies 2-13
Unknowns 2-13

50+ league 2014
Championship game - Backwash 5, Orange Crush 4
Backwash 9, Good Ole Boys 8
Orange Crush 7, Grabbers 6

Final Standings
Code Blue 13-2
Grabbers 13-2
Orange Crush 13-2
Backwash 12-3
Phoenix 10-5
Scandal 8-7
Rebels 8-7
Good Ole Boys 7-8
16 Inchers 7-8
Grumpies 7-8
Lucky Stiffs 6-9
Roaches 5-10
Mudville 4-11
Unknowns 3-12
Wise Guys 2-13
Oldies But Goodies 2-13

50+ league 2013 season
Standings in seeding order
Backwash 14-1
Grabbers 11-4
Grumpies 10-5 (2-1 in head to head games, beat Code Blue)
Code Blue 10-5 (2-1 in head to head games, lost to Grumpies)
Orange Crush 10-5 (1-2 in head to head games, beat Scandal)
Scandal 10-5 (1-2 in head to head games, lost to Orange Crush)
Phoenix 9-6 (beat Lucky Stiffs)
Lucky Stiffs 9-6
Mudville 8-7 (beat Rebels)
Rebels 8-7
Good Ole Boys 7-8
Roaches 5-10
Wise Guys 4-11
Unknowns 3-12
Oldies But Goodies 2-13
16 Inchers 0-15

NCAA semifinals
Orange Crush 13, Backwash 11
Grabbers 15, Scandal 2
Grabbers 6, Orange Crush 3

NIT semifinals
Roaches 6, Mudville 5
Good Ole Boys 12, Oldies But Goodies 7
Roaches 7, Good Ole Boys 4

Playoffs 1st round Aug 26
Backwash 10, Lucky Stiffs 5
Grabbers 11, Phoenix 1
Scandal 7, Grumpies 5
Orange Crush 12, Code Blue 9
Mudville 13, 16 Inchers 4
Oldies But Goodies 11, Rebels 4
Good Ole Boys 7, Wise Guys 4
Roaches 13, Unknowns 3

50+ league 2012 season

Playoffs  Sept24
NCAA bracket semifinals
Code Blue 11, 16 Inchers  5
Backwash 10, Orange Crush 9
NIT bracket semifinals
Mudville 9, Roaches 8
Phoenix 13, Good Ole Boys 6
Championship games
NCAA bracket Code Blue 9, Backwash 7
NIT bracket Phoenix 3, Mudville 0
Sept 10
NCAA bracket
Code Blue 13, Grumpies 3
Orange Crush 7, Lucky Stiffs 1
Backwash 12, Unknowns 11
16 Inchers 8, Grabbers 5
NIT bracket
Mudville 12, Wise Guys 2
Phoenix 15, School's Out6
Good Ole Boys 15, Oldies But Goodies 2
Roaches 4, Scandal 1

Final Standings 50+ league
Code Blue  14-1
Orange Crush  13-2
Backwash  12-3
Grabbers  11-4
Unknowns  8-7
Sixteen Inchers 8-7
Lucky Stiffs 8-7
Grumpies  8-7
Mudville  8-7
Good Ole Boys  7-8
Phoenix  7-8
Roaches  6-9
Scandal  4-11
Oldies But Goodies  3-12
School's Out  2-13
Wise Guys  1-14

2011 Season Summary
Congratulations to Code Blue for an undefeated season and playoff champions, coming from behind in the last inning to edge the Grabbers.

2011 Final Standings 50+ League
Code Blue 15-0
Grabbers 11-4
Lucky Stiffs 10-5
16 Inchers 10-5
Unknowns 10-5
Orange Crush 9-6
Grumpies 8-7
Backwash 7-8
Phoenix 7-8
Scandal 7-8
Roaches 7-8
Good Ole Boys 6-9
Mudville 5-10
Oldies But Goodies 4-11
School's Out 3-12
Wise Guys 0-15

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

60+ League

60+ League 2018 standings
Code Blue 60  13-1
Grumpies 60  12-2
Highway  10-4
White Walkers  10-4
Barons  8-6
FOG  6-8
Stiffs  5-9
Mudville  5-9
Alley  4-10
Friars  2-12
Oldies  2-12

Playoff results Oct 1
Code Blue 7, Barons 1
Grumpies 14, FOG 5
Code Blue 8, Grumpies 5

Playoff results Sept 24
Stiffs beat Oldies 15-0
Mudville beat Alley 7*4
FOG beat Friars 13-1
Fog beat Highway 6-1
Code Blue beat Mudville 6-0
Barons beat White Walkers 11-5
Grumpies beat Stiffs 10-4

September 17 results
Code Blue 6, Grumpies 3
Barons 12, Friars 5
Mudville 14, Alley 9

September 10 results
Code Blue 1, White Walkers 0
Grumpies 14, Alley 4
Highway 17, Friars 2
FOG 8, Barons 3
Stiffs 13, Mudville 5

August 27 results
Grumpies 11, Stiffs 2
White Walkers 12, Alley 6
Highway 12, FOG 2
Barons 5, Mudville 4
Oldies 19, Friars 7

August 13 results
Code Blue 10, Oldies 1
Highway 5, White Walkers 3
FOG 6, Stiffs 3
Alley 6, Friars 4
(need results from Byrd game)

August 6 results
Code Blue 9, White Walkers 3
Grumpies 19, Alley 1
Highway 7, Friars 5
Barons 14, FOG 4
Mudville 10, Stiffs 7

July 30 results
Grumpies 6, Stiffs 5
White Walkers 8, Alley 5
Highway 12, FOG 6
Barons 7, Mudville 6
Friars 3, Oldies 1

July 23 results
Code Blue 16, Alley 3
Grumpies 15, Barons 6
White Walkers 2, Stiffs 0
Highway 12, Mudville 2
FOG 6, Oldies 3

July 16 results
Code Blue 7, Stiffs 5
Grumpies 12, Highway 0
White Walkers 19, Barons 3
Mudville 12, Oldies 10
FOG 15, Friars 2

July 9 results
White Walkers 17, Friars 5
Code Blue 8, Barons 6
Stiffs 20, Alley 13
Grumpies 21, Oldies 5

July 2 results
Highway 6, Code Blue 0
Grumpies 10, Friars 0
White Walkers 9, Oldies 1
Barons 12, Alley 9
Mudville 13, FOG 10

June 25 results
Code Blue 12, Oldies 3
Grumpies 11, FOG 2
Alley 5, Highway 4
Barons 11, Stiffs 7
Mudville 6, Friars 1

June 18 results
Grumpies 4, Mudville 1
Highway 9, Stiffs 9 (?)
White Walkers 7, FOG 4
Alley 13, Oldies 8
Code Blue 15, Friars 5

June 11 results
Code Blue 5, FOG 4
White Walkers 5, Mudville 4
Barons 5, Highway 2
Stiffs 16, Oldies 1
Alley 15, Friars 9

June 4 results
Grumpies 15, White Walkers 5
FOG 19, Alley 4
Code Blue 12, Mudville 2
Stiffs 19, Friars 9
Barons 14, Oldies 2

May 7 results
White Walkers 6, Stiffs 2
Highway 9, Mudville 7
Code Blue 16, Alley 6
FOG 14, Oldies 7
Grumpies 13, Barons 1

April 30 results
Code Blue 17, Stiffs 3
Oldies 11, Mudville 1
Friars 10, FOG 6
White Walkers 9, Barons 3
Highway 7, Grumpies 4
Alley - bye

2017 quarter finals
Code Blue 11, Shamrocks 1
Grumpies 11, Dawgs 1
Barons 9, FOG 8
Stiffs 13, Oldies 3
Code Blue 12, Stiffs 2
Grumpies 9, Barons 6
Grumpies 11, Code Blue 3

2016 quarter finals
Stiffs 10, Barons 7
FOG 10, Shamrocks 6
Code Blue 5, Oldies 3
Grumpies 17, Friars 2
Stiffs beat FOG, Code Blue beat Grumpies

Finals, Code Blue beat Stiffs 14-4

2015 Playoff finals
Barons 7, Grumpies 1

Playoff semifinals
Barons 6, Shamrocks 1
Grumpies 5, Code Blue 4

Playoff quarterfinals
Barons 8, Mavericks 3
Code Blue 14, Stiffs 2
Shamrocks 13, Silver Dawgs 11
Grumpies 14, F.O.G. 9
consolation game Friars 16, Alley 10

60+ League 2015 Final Standings

Red Division
Red Barons  10-3
Shamrocks  7-6
Stiffs  6-7
F.O.G.  5-8
The Alley  3-10

Blue Division
Grumpies  13-0
Code Blue  9-4
Silver Dawgs  6-7
Mavericks  4-9
Friars  2-11

60+ league 2014 playoffs
Championship game Shamrocks 5, Barons 4
Shamrocks 12, Code Blue 4
Barons 11, FOG 1

2014 Final Standings
Shamrocks 12 - 2
Mavericks 11 - 3
Barons 10 - 4
Code Blue 7 - 7
Zephyrs 7 - 7
Silver Dawgs 4 - 10
FOG 4 - 10
Friars 1 - 13

60+ league 2013 season

Final Standings
Mavericks 11-3
Red Barons 10-4
Silver Dawgs 9-5
Code Blue 9-5
Shamrocks 8-6
OFOG 4-10
Zephyrs 4-10
Friars 1-13

Finals Sept 16
Barons 3, Mavericks 2

Semifinals Sept 9
Barons 16, Silver Dawgs 5
Mavericks 5, Shamrocks 3

Playoffs 1st round Aug 26
Mavericks 8, Friars 4
Shamrocks 4, Code Blue 0
Silver Dawgs 9, OFOG 2
Barons 17, Zephyrs 2

August 19 results
Code Blue 7, Barons 3
Mavericks 10, OFOG 1
Friars 12, Zephyrs 11
Silver Dawgs 14, Shamrocks 5

August 12 - rained out

August 5 results
OFOG 8, Zephyrs 3
Silver Dawgs 21, Code Blue 5
Shamrocks 8, Friars 4
Red Barons 12, Mavericks 4

July 29 results
OFOG 6, Friars 5
Shamrocks 9, Code Blue 6
Barons 6, Zephyrs 0
Mavericks 9, Silver Dawgs 2

July 22 results
Mavericks 6, Code Blue 5
Barons 11, Friars 4
Shamrocks 16, OFOG 1
Zephyrs 9, Silver Dawgs 6

July 15 results
Shamrocks 11, Mavericks 5
Barons 15, OFOG 0
Code Blue 10, Zephyrs 1
Silver Dawgs 9, Friars 6

July 8 results
Code Blue 19, Friars 3
Mavericks 14, Zephyrs 2
Silver Dawgs 8, OFOG 4
Shamrocks 7, Barons 6

July 1 results
Barons 17, Silver Dawgs 9
Code Blue 8, OFOG 4
Zephyrs 13, Shamrocks 11
Mavericks 7, Friars 1

June 17 results
Zephyrs 10, OFOG 8
Barons 8, Mavericks 2
Silver Dawgs 12, Code Blue 7
Shamrocks 19, Friars 10

June 10 results
Barons 20, Zephyrs 7
Mavericks 10, Silver Dawgs 6
OFOG 15, Friars 5
Code Blue 6, Shamrocks 0

June 3 results
Silver Dawgs 15, Zephyrs 11
Shamrocks 17, OFOG 5
Barons 19, Friars 7
Mavericks 9, Code Blue 0

May 20 results
Mavericks 11, Shamrocks 5
Code Blue 5, Zephyrs 1
OFOG 16, Barons 15
Silver Dawgs 17, Friars 0

May 13 results
Silver Dawgs 8, OFOG 4
Barons 13, Shamrocks 8
Code Blue 15, Friars 0
Mavericks 6, Zephyrs 5

May 6 results
Barons 5, Silver Dawgs 1
Mavericks 17, Friars 5
Shamrocks 13 Zephyrs 8
Code Blue 8, OFOG 1

April 29 results
Silver Dawgs 15, Shamrocks 12
Zephyrs 14, Friars 7
Code Blue 6, Barons 5
Mavericks 6, OFOG 2

Results of the 2013 Six-County Senior Olympics
Gold Medal - Elk Grove Mavericks
Silver Medal - Elk Grove Silver Dawgs
Bronze Medal - Huntley Bushwackers
game results
Silver Dawgs 4, Bushwackers 1
Huntley Del Webbers 7, Villa Park Suspects 6
Bushwackers 4, Suspects 3
Mavericks 4, Silver Dawgs 2
Silver Dawgs 6, Suspects 2
Mavericks 3, Del Webbers 2
Silver Dawgs 2, Del Webbers 1
Mavericks 7, Bushwackers 0
Suspects 6, Mavericks 1
Bushwackers 5, Del Webbers 1

60+ League 2012 season

Playoffs first round Aug 27, 6pm
Game 1 field 1 Barons 15, Friars 3
Game 2 field 2 Old Dawgs 7, Mavericks 4
Game 3 field 3 Silver Dawgs 16 OFOG 3
Game 4 field 4 Code Blue 17, Good Old Huffers 1
No games on Labor Day Sept 3

Playoffs second round Sept 10
Barons 5, Old Dawgs 4
Code Blue 16, Silver Dawgs 6
Championship game Sept 24 
Barons 12, Code Blue 9
Final Standings
Barons  11-3
Code Blue  10-4
Silver Dawgs  9-5
Old Dawgs  9-5
Mavericks  9-5
OFOG  4-10
Good Old Huffers  3-11
Friars  1-13

2012 season

August 13 results (May 7 rain makeup)
Barons 2, Silver Dawgs 0
Mavericks 15, Friars 4
Old Dawgs 24, Good Old Huffers 16
Code Blue 19, OFOG 0

August 6 results
OFOG 12, Good Old Huffers 11
Code Blue 10, Silver Dawgs 1
Old Dawgs 15, Friars 4
Barons 10, Mavericks 7

July 30 results
Old Dawgs 9, Code Blue 6
OFOG 12, Friars 3
Mavericks 10, Silver Dawgs 6
Barons 11, Good Old Huffers 9

July 23 results
Mavericks 10, Code Blue 6
Barons 16, Friars 1
Old Dawgs 12, OFOG 7
Silver Dawgs 13, Good Old Huffers 12

July 16 results
Mavericks 11, Old Dawgs 9
Barons 7, OFOG 3
Code Blue 21, Good Old Huffers 4
Silver Dawgs 17, Friars 2

July 9 results
Barons 12, Old Dawgs 11
OFOG 8, Silver Dawgs 6
Code Blue 22, Friars 3
Mavericks 11, Good Old Huffers 0

July 2 results
Silver Dawgs 13, Barons 7
Code Blue 16, OFOG 3
Old Dawgs 5, Good Old Huffers 4
Mavericks 15, Friars 2

June 25 results
Friars 20, Good Old Huffers 19
Old Dawgs 9, Silver Dawgs 8
Code Blue 7, Barons 6
Mavericks 12, OFOG 6

June 18 results
Old Dawgs 19, Friars 1
Good Old Huffers 5, OFOG 0
Silver Dawgs 12, Code Blue 11
Barons 13, Mavericks 7

June 11 results
Barons 12, Good Old Huffers 7
Silver Dawgs 6, Mavericks 3
OFOG 10, Friars 7
Code Blue 11, Old Dawgs 5

June 4 results
Code Blue 8, Mavericks 7
Silver Dawgs 9, Good Old Huffers 6
Old Dawgs 11, OFOG 3
Barons 17, Friars 4

May 21 results
Old Dawgs 12, Mavericks 3
Good Old Huffers 10, Code Blue 7
Barons 12, OFOG 1
Silver Dawgs 7, Friars 6

May 14 results
Barons 4, Old Dawgs 3
Mavericks 9, Good Old Huffers 1
Code Blue 16, Friars 6
Silver Dawgs 22, OFOG 5

May 7 rained out, rescheduled to August 13

April 30 results
Silver Dawgs 9, Old Dawgs 2
Code Blue 10, Barons 5
Good Old Huffers 14, Friars 10
Mavericks 6, OFOG 5

2011 season
60+ League Playoffs - finals Sept 12
Barons 6, Mavericks 4

Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Notes from senior softball meeting March 5, 2018 with Brian, Larry, Mark, and Joe

League fees for 2018 will be the same as 2017, $600 for resident teams and $650 for nonresident teams.

50+ league currently has 14 teams, may or may not have more. Team registrations will have a deadline sometime in early to mid April.

60+ league currently has 11 teams. If no other teams join, one team per week will have a bye, and we will use the Byrd school field as before. To counter the main argument against this field, the park district confirms there will be no more missing umpires at Byrd school as the pool of umpires has expanded. Alternately, 9pm games are still a possibility, but only if there are more than 11 teams registered.

The proposed 65+ league currently has 3 teams. At least one more team is needed for the park district to support this new league which would be on Tuesdays using the same rules as the Monday leagues. Joe will send out email requests for more players, using his 60+ distribution list from last year. All players age 65+ are invited to join this new league, even if they are already on a Monday team roster.  This includes players under 65 who cannot get onto a Monday roster.  It is also OK for Tuesday players to be on a Monday roster.

March 26 has been set for the next managers’ meeting. In advance of this meeting, managers will receive emails asking for their opinions on several topics. Final decisions from managers’ feedback will be announced at this March 26 meeting, so all managers must respond to emails in order to form these final decisions.
Our park district contact for all leagues is Brian O’Malley, email

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Driver's Licenses (DL's) - Here is an alphabetized list of names for those who already have a DL on file. If your name appears here, you do not need to provide another copy of your DL.

If your name does not appear here, and you fail to provide your DL, you will be considered to be an illegal alien and will be deported to the other side of the Rio Grande.

If you refuse to go, you sure as hell will not be allowed to play in our league games, because that makes you an FR (Freakin Ringer or illegal player), so make sure your name eventually appears on this list before somebody calls you out.

For those of you bounty hunters who want to Police the league by spotting FR's after they have kicked your butt during a league game, simply ask to see their DL, after all, they probably did not walk to the field so they must have a DL with them, right? Why would they refuse, do they have something to hide? Is the name on the DL also on the list of names below or not? Is it on that team's roster or not?

You have to admit, that is one shameless way to make people read this site, eh?

For those of you who disagree with this approach, all you have to do is get the commish fired and use all the 25 year old FR's you want. Here is the current list in alphabetical order, are you on it? If not, better get a photocopy of your DL turned in before the next game.

Abbinanti, Phillip
Abplanalp, William
Abruzzo, Frank
Adams, James
Albers, Edward
Alesi, Michael
Amidei, Paul
Andrews, Terrence
Antoszek, Walter
Archam, James
Arco, Alan
Arlington, James
Arimura, Brian
Baade, Charles
Ball, Mike
Balog, James
Balogh, Laszio
Barranco, Joseph
Baumgarten, Carl
Becker, Tyler
Behnke, Fred
Bell, Willard
Belzer, Richard
Berens, Gary
Berglund, Karl
Bergmann, Robert
Bergner, Gary
Bergo, James
Bianchi, John
Bilotti, Bob
Binkus, Robert
Bjankini, Eric
Blackwell, Randy
Block, Walter
Booth, Richard
Boyer, John
Boyle, Daniel
Boyle, Joseph
Brackney, Benjamin
Brandt, Steven
Bratko, Garret
Brendel, Paul
Brennan, John
Brichetto, Daniel
Bronder, Kenneth
Browall, Harold
Broznowski, Daniel
Brummitt, Leroy
Bruski, Mitchell
Bruzek, Kenneth
Bryerton, William
Buettner, Philip
Burda, Frank
Burnagiel, Steven
Burzynski, Richard
Byrne, Adrian
Byrne, Bernard
Caponi, Anthony
Carlson, George
Carlson, Robert
Carlson, Thomas
Carr, John
Carroll, Mark
Casey, John
Castellanos, John
Chakeen, Anthony
Chakeen, Martin
Chambers, Robert
Champagne, Lance
Charletta, James
Chiusolo, Nick
Chlebik, William
Christensen, Gene
Christensen, Richard
Cichowicz, Stephen
Cirrincione, Salvatore Jr.
Citko, Steven
Clarke, Patrick
Cnota, Jerry
Coats, William
Consiglio, Aldo
Consolazio, John
Contorno, Michael
Cortesi, Gary
Cozzone, Thomas
Crone, Ronald
Crow, Junior
Culen, Richard
Cummings, Patrick
Czwornog, John
Dalinis, James
Damato, Nicholas
Dankers, Bruce
Danza, Sam
Daus, Gary
De Cleene, Richard
Dean, Robert Foster
Dearhammer, William
DeGrazio, John
Del Monico, Joseph
DeLorenzo, Joseph
Dempsey, Patrick
Denk, Alan
Devlin, Gerald
Dibartolo, Tony
Dill, Michael
Dillon, Robert
DiPaolo, Emo
DiTommaso, Michael
Doherty, William
Donato, James
Dore, Thomas
Dotson, Ronnie
Driscoll, Patrick
Duchen, Jerry
Duszynski, John
Dynek, Robert
Dzielawa, Lawrence
Eberhart, William
Eberlein, James
Eckholm, Jay
Edelson, Kenneth
Eggert, John
Einsweiler, James
Eischen, Robert
Elkins, Richard
Engleman, Richard
Engler, Robert
Evans, Jay
Fahey, John
Fahey, Patrick
Farmer, Timothy
Farrell, Richard
Felicelli, Thomas
Felske, Curtis
Felske, Mark
Fieri, Brian
Fijalkowski, David
Filarski, Richard
Finley, John
Firestone, William
Fisher, Daniel
Fitzgerald, Arthur
Fitzgerald, James
Fitzpatrick, Joseph
Fitzpatrick, Thomas
Flood, Daniel
Forgue, David
Forman, Herbert
Forster, David
Forsythe, Thomas
Forte, Nicholas
Fowles, Michael
Frank, Gerald
Frank, Thomas
Frasco, Daniel
Frede, Robert
Friel, John
Friel, Martin
Frighetto, Mark
Gabe, Allen
Gagliardi, Mark
Galicia, Gilberto
Garcia, Felix
Garcia, John
Gawne, Thomas
Gazda, Kenneth
Gehrling, Ken
Gera, Joseph
Geraghty, Daniel
Geraghty, John
Geraty, Robert
Giacomuzzi, Bruno
Gieseke, Randal
Gillespie, William
Ginter, Gerald
Glab, Michael
Glim, Paul
Goeller, Thomas
Gorzynski, Robert
Grabski, Ronald
Graziadei, Daniel
Greco, James
Greenberg, Philip
Gregg, Arthur
Grember, Allen
Grosso, David
Gruber, Michael
Guercio, Robert
Guerrieri, Victor
Hagstrom, Charles
Halston, James
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, James
Hartman, Ronald
Hartnett, Daniel
Hauswirth, David
Heavington, Michael
Hedman, William
Heffern, James
Heinrich, Michael
Hendrickson, Scott
Hert, Glenn
Hetland, Daniel
Heyse, William
Hicks, Peter
Himpelmann, Nicholas
Hindenburg, John
Hoban, William
Hoffman, David
Hohs, Robert
Holznagel, Ronald
Hopkins, George
Hoving, Kenneth
Howard, Michael
Hult, Richard
Hunt, Larry
Hunt, Ronald
Hunyady, James
Hurney, George
Idstein, James
Iovino, Robert
Jakubowski, Gerald
James, John
Jaskowski, Robert
Jensen, James
Johnson, Bruce
Johnson, Herb
Johnson, Keith
Johnson, Thomas
Jones, Terry
Jordahl, Brian
Jost, John
Jozwiak, Wayne
Jursich, Donald
Kaczmarski, Richard
Kaczmarski, Ronald
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Kalamatas, Christ
Kaminski, Mitchell
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Keehn, George
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Kiersch, Ronald
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Knapp, Mark
Knapp, Paul
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Kolet, Jerome
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Kompanowski, Robert
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Kosciulek, Ronald
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Kujanski, Ted
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Ladewyck, Robert
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Lanham, Bruce
LaPalermo, Phillip
LaPalermo, Thomas
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LaRosa, Salvatore
Larsen, James
Laskowski, Robert
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Lavacchi, Richard
LaVicka, Gregory
Lawler, Richard
Lawson, Keith
Lawson, Mike
LeBlanc, Herbert
Leidecker, Edward
Leider, Douglas
Lenihan, Marc
Lentine, Frank
Lester, Lawrence
Levar, Thomas
Lewandowski, Norbert
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Lieberfeld, Morris
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Linsenmann, Bruce
Lipinski, Stephen
Lippert, Ronald
Lissner, Michael
Locascio, Michael
Lohndorf, Joseph
Lorch, Mark
Luccesi, Frank
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Lutsch, David
Lutz, Paul
Luttrell, Lawrence
Lynn, Patrick
MacArthur, James
Mack, Anthony
Madigan, Mark
Madl, Frank
Madura, Wayne
Magnuson, Dwight
Magnuson, Richard
Majcher, Gary
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Malinowski, Ferdinand
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Mandala, John
Manzara, Gary
Marchand, Tim
Marron, Louis
Marrano, William
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Martin, James
Martin, Richard
Mason, Ken
Matson, Michael
Matthias, James
Mavridis, Thomas
Mazzone, Gregory
McGarry, Michael
McGinn, John
McGrath, James
McGuire, Michael
McHugh, James
McKeon, Michael
McKeon, Michael
McManus, Arthur
McNeil, Michael
McNicholas, John
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Melnick, Harrison
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Miller, Glenn
Miller, John
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Mrugacz, Fred
Mrugacz, Mark
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Mueller, Russell
Mueller, William
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Munn, W Dale
Murray, Patrick
Musielak, Thomas
Musolf, David
Musolf, Roger
Mutter, Alan
Myers, Michael
Nagy, Theodore
Nannini, Robert
Napolitano, Eugenio
Nazarowski, Anthony
Nelsen, Scott
Nelson, Ronald
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Nocek, Gregory
Noonan, George
Noone, Terrence
North, William
Nyc, David
O'Donnell, Martin
Oginski, Richard
Olesiak, Ron
Olita, Anthony
Olita, Mark
Olsen, Bobby
O'Malley, Tom
O'Reilly, Timothy
Ostberg, Daniel
Oster, Jeffrey
Ostermann, Stephen
Ostrander, Thomas
Otte, Robert
Owens, James
Palm, John
Paradies, Brian
Parrin, Gary
Patterson, Douglas
Patterson, Gerald
Pearson, Gary
Pecs, Valdis
Peercy, George
Pellegrini, Anthony
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Pennelle, Robert
Pepe, Frank
Pesce, Gino
Peters, Michael
Peterson, Paul
Petryniec, Howard
Pick, Martin
Pickering, David
Pietro, Anthony
Pietro, Joseph
Pietrucha, Edward
Pisano, Peter
Pittman, Steven
Pitts, Edmund
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Podulka, Wendell
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Pudlo, Edward
Pupa, Jerome
Pusaleri, Mark
Radlein, Donald
Raethz, Roger
Ranallo, John
Redding, James
Reed, Rickey
Rega, Robert
Regner, Le Roy
Reter, James
Rhea, Gerald
Ribando, John
Richardson, Michael
Rinkor, Vincent
Riley, Timothy
Roe, Vincent
Roe, William
Rohan, Terry
Romero, David
Rosenwinkel, Ed
Roth, Jim
Rowan, James
Rubenstein, Michael
Rubly, James
Runtz, John
Rutili, Temistocles
Ryan, Eugene
Rzeszutko, Robert
Sabatino, Michael
Sabres, Lawrence
Sacco, George
Sagil, Joseph
Sahagian, Jeffrey
Salazar, John
Sandberg, Jerry
Sanford, Derek
Sarillo, Frank
Satern, Jason
Savage, Donald
Savage, Terrence
Savage, William
Saxton, Lawrence
Sbertoli, Terry
Scheiwe, Robert
Schlitter, Richard
Schmid, Robert
Schmidt, Stephen
Schneider, John
Schneider, Ronald
Schretter, William
Schuller, Mark
Schultz, Jeffrey
Schultz, Richard
Schulz, Arthur
Schulze, Dean
Schwind, Harold
Seng, David
Serafin, Rob
Serritella, Richard
Shafar, Larry
Sherman, George
Shulman, Mark
Sibly, William
Siciliano, Leo
Singer, Howard
Skelly, James
Skelly, Mike
Skvarla, David
Smith, John
Smith, Terry
Sobosan, James
Sochantin, Marlin
Sokolowski, Donald
Sopko, Michael
Soteras, George
Soucek, Ronald
Sowa, Daniel
Sowa, Glen
Spacek, David
Spathies, Thomas
Sperandeo, Dennis
Spidale, James
Sporn, Michael
Squiller, John
Srednick, Ronald
Sromek, Greg
Stagl, Barry
Steffen, Robert
Steger, Kevin
Steigerwald, Karl
Steinke, Mark
Stezskal, Craig
Stockwell, James
Stoczynski, Adam
Storto, Daniel
Straub, Joseph
Streetz, Wayne
Styzek, Frank
Suerth, Stephen
Sugrue, Jim
Sullivan, Ralph
Swanson, Donald
Syslo, Kenneth
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Tabus, Barry
Tau, Michael
Taucher, Carl
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, William
Tepper, Edward
Theriault, William
Thomas, Kaye
Thompson, Harold
Thompson, Matt
Thompson, Paul
Thomson, Bruce
Thomson, Kenneth
Thorne, Ronald
Thorsen, Gary
Tiberi, Jerome
Tiritilli, John
Tomaso, Sal
Trigg, Charles
Trispel, Mark
Trotier, Jeffrey
Troyke, Thomas
Tuhowski, George
Turinski, Stephen
Turk, Mark
Tursi, Michael
Tushner, Neal
Tzoumis, Spiros
Udrow, Kevin
Urso, Michael
Valenti, Victor
Van Eck, Thomas
Vavruska, Mark
Veach, Wayne
Vickerman, Gary
Velazquez, Cesar
Viverito, Joseph
Waite, Ron
Walker, Robert
Wallin, James
Walsh, Mark
Walter, Daniel
Walter, Erich
Walter, Kenneth
Walter, Richard
Wangler, Loran
Warzynski, James
Waszkiewicz, Jeffrey
Wedan, William
Wedell, John Jr.
Weinmann, Richard
Wekony, Thomas
Wente, Craig
Werner, John
Weiss, James
West, Wallace
White, Mark
Wiess, Richard
Wilhelm, James
Wilkinson, William
Wille, David
Willeumeier, Gilbert
Williams, Gregory
Williamson, Joseph
Wittman, Ronald
Woytek, Donald
Wright, Willard
Wronski, Richard
Wuestenfeld, Kenneth
Wuestenfeld, Richard
Wyka, Richard
Yearsley, Robert
Zafiris, John
Zeidman, Michal
Ziegler, Dennis
Zupko, John

Monday, February 11, 2008

Complaint Dept.

This is an ongoing list from our over 60 commish. All are invited to participate in this open crabfest. The following questions have been overheard in various places.
Names are withheld to protect the guilty.

Question:  The over 50 league playoffs are seeded according to won-lost records, why isn't the over 60 league done the same way?  Code Blue and Grumpies should not meet until the finals.
Answer:  The over 50 league has no divisions as the over 60 league does, so the 60's playoffs have a defined structure agreed upon by the majority of managers. Defined structures are also used for NFL, NBA, MLB playoffs, so in all these leagues if the two best teams happen to be in the same division, they will have to meet before the playoff finals.  There is no guarantee that either Code Blue or Grumpies are the best 2 teams anyway, thus far neither team has ever won the 60+ playoffs, and for most of the last several seasons, the champion team has come from the other division.

Question:  Is there a liability issue with the over 60 league playing on #5 grassy field?
Answer:  No, the waiver form clarifies that.  If you have not read it, please do so.

Question:  Our team may refuse to play on a grassy field, is it OK to forfeit those games?
Answer:  Don't use outfielders on any of our fields, there's grass out there, and hope your first playoff game is not scheduled for the grassy field or you might forfeit that too.

Question:  Our runner was called out for running into the 3rd baseman, how is he supposed to know which side of the base to run to if his back is to the play?
Answer:  I guess your 3rd base coach is only out there for eye candy, right?

Question: Is it true you are no longer commissioner?
Answer: I am still commish for 60+, but not for 50+, also I am still the webmeister. Over 50 commish is now Joe Meister (Scandal team). Give him the same respect you gave me. No wait, that might be bad for him.

Question: If a rule is being abused, why can't we just throw that rule out?
Answer: Any rule can be abused, so I guess that means we should throw out all the rules, right? Either that or just throw out the abusers instead.

Question: If a guy can play the outfield, why does he need a courtesy runner?
Answer: He does not really need one, but apparently his team prefers to have a faster runner on the bases.

Question: What is the difference between the advantage of using our fastest runner as a courtesy runner every inning, or the advantage of another team having a good power hitter?
Answer: The power hitter cannot bat every inning.

Question: Last year our Olympic team lost its first game. Why were we not guaranteed two games?
Answer: There were 4 teams, one of which canceled the morning of the event. So you did have 2 games, one of which was a forfeit victory. Congrats on that.

Question: Why are umps asking us to remove harmless jewelry?
Answer: Our Board is going to fix that. In the meantime, as a form of protest, have your entire team dress up like Mr. T.

Question: Why do we need a Board? Why not just let the managers make all decisions?
Answer: First of all who breaks a tie in the managers vote? Secondly, this league was founded on certain principles which the Board is chartered to uphold. We want to be able to make our own rules to minimize the chance of injuries, hence the no slide no contact rule. We also want to make sure everyone has a chance to play, hence the continuous batting order rule. If you want to be ultra competitive, go join a younger league.

Question: How should we handle hotheads who get out of hand?
Answer: It is hard to legislate common sense. We are too old for this. We just want to have fun and play ball. The proper way to handle an incident would be for both managers to tell everyone to get in the dugout, meet with the umpire, and pull out the rules, which read that taunting, vulgarity, and other derogatory or inflammatory remarks are not allowed. After one warning, the next offense is automatic ejection, zero tolerance. Those who do not like this can find some other league to play in.

Question: Does it take a lot of smarts to manage to handle all the B.S. that happened last year?
Answer: No, but I did stay at a holiday inn last week.

Question: Who makes the decisions, you or The Board?
Answer: If you agree with the decision, it was me. If you disagree, it was The Board. Talk to them if you don't like it.

Question: Being an ump is a hard job. On every close play either one side or the other is going to complain. I hate complaints. Do you have any concerns about complainers?
Answer: Yes, they can vote and they can breed.

Question: Why can't we wear gloves in the field on cold days?
Answer: I do not want to see any Michael Jackson impersonators.

Question: I think you are doing a lousy job.
Answer: Take a look at this (!), you have just been e-mooned.

Question: The ump called our catcher an axxhole, do you think that was right?
Answer: Yes, that was probably the first right call he made all night.

Question: We lost because the ump sucked. You saw the game, what do you think?
Answer: What I saw was your team sucked more than the ump.

Question: On windy days it is impossible to pitch a strike. Why can't we use a bigger mat or include the plate as part of the strike zone?
Answer: Just accept the fact that Wisconsin sucks and Indiana blows and Chicago is caught in between.

Question: I cannot get my teammates to turn in copies of their driver's licenses, what should I do?
Answer: Tell them to save up their money and buy a dime, take it to the local library, it is only a few blocks away from the field, put the dime in the copy machine, and while you are there, pick up a book, you might learn something.

Question: Why are you not willing to discuss considering legalizing sliding? I have tried to talk to you about this, what else can I do?
Answer: You can check out my buns as I walk in the other direction.

Question: Can you try to be a little more professional and dignified at your meetings? You are losing your class.
Answer: I am not losing class because I never had any in the first place. Is there a rule that I must suck a lemon to obtain the proper facial expression to conduct these meetings? I like to get right to the point. People at a fox hunt would say "Tally Ho the fox", but I prefer to say "Huh? What the hell does that mean? Let's just get the little S.O.B."

Question: People always question the rules. They do not seem to understand why our rules must be different than regular softball rules. How do we deal with such ignorance and apathy?
Answer: Within the context of ignorance and apathy, I don't know and I don't care.

Question: Do you think we will ever use ASA rules instead of our own? Answer: I have 3 things to say about that, no, hell no, and finally no.

Question: How did an idiot like you ever get to be Commissioner?
Answer: Three reasons, first, nobody else wanted the job, and second, many people have stated you have to be an idiot to take this job, therefore your own words have just validated that I am eminently qualified. And third, I barely passed the interview process, which consisted of one question, which was "Do you have a pulse?"

Question: Why can't you make a schedule that does not allow Byes?
Answer: I am not a math major, but with an odd number of teams, somebody either must have a bye or must play with themselves and go blind.

Question: Based on some of your remarks, I have to ask, do you suffer from insanity or are you just conceited?
Answer: I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. And it is not possible for me to be conceited because conceit would be an imperfection ;-)

Question: You think you know everything, so let me give you a tough question. What is the meaning of life?
Answer: I don’t know everything, but I know this much, and actually that is not such a tough question. A great part of the meaning of life is to glorify your Creator by giving thanks for what you have, to treat others with respect, to make the world a better place using whatever talents you are given, to brighten someone else’s day, and if you are not sure how to do that, just try to make people laugh, because laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails us. Now let me give you a tough question – if I were to tell you my vacuum cleaner sucks, is that good or bad? And if you get it wrong, you get 7 years bad luck.